newburgh indiana home with solar panels on roof

Solar power for your home?

Solar power energy for your home is definitely something that a lot of homeowners are interested in, especially as we see electric electricity bills continue to rise. Here in Southern Indiana (Evansville and Newburgh), we have pretty much a monopoly of electric companies that we can choose from to get our electrical source.

Get ready to Pay $$,$$$

Clearly using solar-powered energy for your home is more cost-effective than standard electricity. However, installing solar panels on your home is extremely high and continues to remain so. We would’ve thought by now that some of that cost would decrease as most things do over time. The important thing to consider because of the cost would be to weigh your options. How long will you be staying in your home? Will it be long enough to recoup the cost on a yearly basis from the invoice for the installation cost. 


Then you also have to consider the weather in southern Indiana. Solar energy can still be collected and stored on a cloudy day, but the efficiency of the solar system drops substantially. And solar panels do not produce electricity at night, but they can provide power using solar back battery banks. 

Another savory aspect of installing solar panels on your home is the fact that song in some cases right now electric companies have to pay the consumer or homeowner because not enough electricity is being used. However, we’ve learned that that might not continue to be the case. 

Also, you should know that solar panels do not last forever. There is a certain amount of time that they become increasingly less effective. 

Side note:

Solar power and energy are definitely a hot-button issue here in Indiana. Where solar power companies are coming in and grabbing up as much property as possible leasing from landowners, to build industrial solar power plants. We have our own thoughts about this. For instance, industrial solar power plants should never be on prime farm agricultural land. Instead, these billion-dollar companies should look for industrial and commercial space to put the solar panel plants.

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